60 Spring Gardens

60 Spring Gardens is an office refurbishment of existing CAT A spaces into CAT B units bespoke to tenants needs. The Blok Projects team worked with the Landlord to assist the development of a budget, design, and finical viability which met with the needs of the tenants, such as Berkshire Hathaway, Bally’s, and LCM Family. These suites were previously at a CAT A standard following a complete building refurbishment, including, reception, floor areas, common areas, WC facilities, and full new VRF installation. This was undertaken following the exit of a tenant which had previously taken the full occupation of the building. The landlord engaged Blok Projects, based on the previous experience of the team members on the refurbishment of the building. These were phased alongside the tenant lease negotiations and started with the 4th floor (5091 sqft) following onto the 3rd (5580 sqft) and now on site with the 2nd floor (5580 sqft).



Contract length

3 phases of 10 weeks each


3 floors each at 5000 sqft



4th, 3rd & 2nd Floor works: New wall layout, including stud, glazed and folding acoustic walls. Installation of lighting, power, fire alarm, and data, including new comms room. Adaption of existing HVAC system and provision of standalone AC system to comms room. New, ceiling, wall and floor finishes, including Carpet -LVT / Tiling / Decorations Supply and installation of bespoke joinery, and upholstery Installation of new kitchen / breakout facilities. Bespoke timber doors, frame and ironmongery. The provision and installation of new loose furniture, planting, fittings and equipment.

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